What are Shutters Down Sundays?

Shutters Down Sundays are our very own VIP tattoo experience days, where we close the studio to the public, so that you or your group can have the services of all four of our artists, all to yourself, all day long!

Large Tattoo Projects

The VIP studio close gives individuals, couples, and small groups a unique opportunity to get large tattoo projects completed quickly. In days gone by, a huge design meant multiple appointments over a long period of time; since a number of weeks is required between each session, to allow the skin to heal before more work can be done. Having the studio and the services of our artists to yourself, means that an incredible amount of work can be achieved in one session: so large, intricate pieces can be completed in a single day, instead of over the course of months or even years.

larger viking style sleeve by Finn at Sharp Art Studios

Teams, Hens and Stags

Shutters Down Sundays are ideal for big groups who want to get tattooed together. With four artists on hand all day, we can easily cater for sports teams, clubs, and companies looking to celebrate league cup victories or high value mergers with a winning tattoo!

The relaxed atmosphere here at Sharp Art, makes it the perfect place to begin or end your hen and stag parties (we suggest starting here as no one wants to be tattooed while their hungover). We can create a custom design for your whole party, or create personalised tattoos for each member of your group. It’s your day so your call!

Nick Carroll tattoo Artist Manchester Cheshire

Get Those Shutters Pulled Down

The rate for Shutters Down Sundays is £2000, including all design preparation and artist services for the day. They are tailored to suit your individual requirements, or the requirements or your group; so drop us an email at sharpartstudios@yahoo.co.uk and we can start planning your VIP tattoo experience today.



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