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Picture of tattooed legs and bottle of alcohol

They say third time’s a charm – and who are we to argue? We’ve had Bank Holidays, UV rays, a smash hit spring sale, and Man City have lifted the trophy! Pour yourself something refreshing, slather your tatts with suncream, sit back, relax, and soak it up while it lasts. Sharp Art Antics – to the power of three…

… or four.

Cue the quizzical eyebrows. “Four?” you ask?

Well, big news: a few weeks ago we announced the departure of one of our artists – James (Johhny, Jurgen, Johan, Howard) Creighton – bringing the total Sharp Art Crew from five artists to four.

He started with us about five years ago – (ok, ok, no more numbers, I promise) from getting tattoos and watching, to becoming an apprentice, then graduating from apprentice to a full-time tattoo artist. He’s given us some good laughs and will be missed by the team and clients alike. We wish him all the best as he starts a new chapter in his tattooing career.

So, in the wake of that news, what have the old crew been getting up to?

You’ll never guess – but Nick’s actually been in the chair for once! He’s thrilled to be there – obviously!

Sharp Art Owner Nick getting tattooed

Many of you will be disappointed to hear that he didn’t moan or squeal. Not even a tiny bit. So he can smugly retain his shop-cred as all-round boss and hard-man (Finn’s prepping her needles with renewed determination for the next round). Nick’s also proved himself by busting out some killer pieces.

Gaze on this stunning Geisha and chrysanthemum design – the vivid use of colour and contrasting styles give it a unique look.

Beautiful Japanese women and samurai sword

From the intensity of full colour to the stark shades of black and grey, Nick’s been exercising his talents across a range of different styles too – Realism, illustrative and neo-traditional.

Octopus and skull sleeve tattoo

Neo traditional blue wolf

The boss lady Loz (oh so modestly – haha!) was the top choice of artist for the cover-up competition.

Screenshot from Whatsapp of Loz finding out her design was chosen by the #coveritupcomp winner

And she definitely delivered: using her mad skills to transform a dodgy old bear into a fearsome beast. Check out the full story here. Seriously, what an outcome!

neo traditional bear cover-up

She’s also pulled a few designs down from the stars in honour of May the fo– (no more numbers, dammit) the date in May most affiliated with Star Wars.

Who’s side are you on? The Jedi or the Dark Side?

Alex certainly knows which side he’s on. He has been revelling in the latest football results; so you can imagine his sheer joy when he got to do this cover-up piece (which is the start of a Hannibal theme leg).

Then from fiery flames to icy blue – his graphic novel style, smooth shading and sharp, effortless linework all come together to make this winter wolf a truly arresting specimen.

Moving with the seasons – spring is finally in full swing and summer is on the way, Finn’s been loving the detail and delicacy needed for these feminine floral designs.

Ornamental lotus make for beautiful and classic pieces with their symmetry – add in some subtle dotwork and jewellery for something special. In the spirit of “the power of three” – check out these matching mother and daughter tattoos. They requested each other’s initials for a personalised touch.

If you like flowers but fancy a little bit more in your tattoo; think about adding your spirit or totem animal. This colourful hummingbird symbolises the sweetness of life: expressing love and dispelling negativity.

Time flies when you’re having fun. That’s it from Sharp Art Antics. We hope you’ve enjoyed this little catch up, and of course there’ll be more to come soon. It’s going to be a busy summer and we’ve still got a few tricks and treats up our tattooed sleeves.

Remember to get your loyalty cards stamped and spread the word – don’t forget you get an extra stamp if one of your mates books in.















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