At the beginning of this month we ran a little April Fools Day competition. That little competition ended up becoming pretty big, with tons of you sharing pictures of your tattoo disasters in return for the chance to win a cover-up, courtesy of one of our artists.
image shows an awful tattoo of teddy bear that won Sharp Art Studios cover-up competition
Sean’s ‘Freaky Teddy Bear’ Winner of our #coveritupcomp
In the end we decided that Sean Holt‘s freaky teddy bear was the most atrocious ink of the lot, so each of our artists designed a cover-up for him to choose from. Sean decided that although things with his original bear hadn’t quite gone to plan, he’d like another chance to make it work; so when he saw Loz’s grown up and considerably more artistic version, it was only ever gonna go one way.
artist designs for competiton at Sharp Art Studios
These were our #coveritupcomp designs for our winner to choose from
April Fools, nah … That Tattoo Rules
So, after 100’s of entries, 5 designs, 1 stencil, and 7 hours in studio, Sean’s freaky teddy bear is no more.

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