1. Amazing Artists

There’s big talent at Sharp Art Studios. We’re dedicated, hard-working and we love what we do. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get a great tattoo; whether it’s a delicate floral design or a big and bold statement piece. With previous backgrounds in illustration, graphic design and painting, we bring a comprehensive skill set and appreciation of art to our tattoos.

We employ a variety of techniques in our work, such as whip shading or power lining to complement and bring added contrast and depth to your tattoo. We’re experienced in colour packing, blending and realistic shading, as well as other styles that may require dotwork, watercolour, negative space, or etching linework.


Loz tattooing at Sharp Art Studios

2. What could be better than an amazing artist? How about FOUR amazing artists?

The four-strong Sharp Art team offers you diversity and choice for your tattoo. We have male and female who specialise in different styles: realism, neo-traditional, mandala, geometric, illustrative, traditional, traditional Japanese, and contemporary mash-ups; so we can cater for any want or need. Between them they ensure the shop is staffed six days a week and can also do flexible after-hours appointments if needed.


Loz & Finn on National Womans Day at Sharp Art Studios

3. Three G’s – Great Studio

The studio has recently undergone a fab refurbishment. It’s a big, bright open-plan space, that’s fully wheelchair accessible. There are sofas and chairs for your friends and family to lounge about in while you’re getting tattooed, although they’re welcome to sit close at hand to support (or ridicule) you too!

While you’re being inked, our intricate hand-drawn mandala and paisley wall designs are there to distract you. Failing that, you can gaze freely and people/bird watch through the large window into The Paddock. There’s also an undercover space outside, so smoke breaks are sheltered from the elements.

Sharp Art Studios full of customers getting tattooed

4. Three G’s – Great Atmosphere

Being comfortable and at ease is an important part of getting a tattoo. We all appreciate this and always aim to keep a smile on your face; even if your gritting your teeth through the pain! We are a close-knit team who support and help each other. We also take the piss and generally have a great time doing what we do. Whether it’s a healthy debate on the latest song choice or a straight ripping for a daft t-shirt; there’s always something to be said and everybody can get involved.


Artists Al & Finn at Sharp Art Studios

5. Three G’s – Great Reputation

To date we have over two hundred 5* customer reviews across Facebook, Google and Booksy, and “I won’t go anywhere else for a tattoo” are words uttered by many of our customers. We worked hard to build our reputation and everyday we strive to uphold it. Much of our work comes from customers recommending our artists and studio to others, so looking after you, and making sure you have the best experience and get the best tattoo possible, is what we are all about.


Image showing 5 star reviews for Sharp Art Studios on Booksy

6. High Standards

There are a lot of tattoo studios on the high street, so to remain in business we set the bar high. Our artists are experienced in a range of styles and also specialise in their chosen areas. We’ve all undergone comprehensive training – completing apprenticeships under professional artists. We will advise you honestly and make educated suggestions for your tattoo design so you get the best possible work we can give you.


7. Safe Hands

As per the legal requirements in the UK, all of the Sharp Art team are licensed. We’ve undergone the relevant training in regards to the practice of tattooing health and safety, and each of us is registered and certified with Cheshire East – the local heath and environmental agency. All our needles are sterile and strictly single use. Other equipment and work surfaces are sterilised between every client and at the start and end of the day. The business premises itself is also registered with Cheshire East and has a contract with Canon (a responsible and licensed waste disposal company), and is of course fully insured.


Clean table prepared with stencil and inks for tattooing at Sharp Art Studios

 8. High Spec Tools and Materials

Each artist has several machines at their disposal – from the classic coils to the latest rotary machines. Primarily we use Ghost Cartridge needles. We also use Stencil Stuff and some fantastic brands of ink: Fusion, Eternal, World Famous, Silverback (all vegan friendly), and One Black. We have a variety of products that we recommend for use during the aftercare process too – all tried and tested by ourselves.


Images showing a selection of inks at Sharp Art Studios


9. Prizes, Discounts and Events

As a thank you for choosing us, we run special prize giveaways, great discount offers, and aim to host a few events throughout the year that benefit the local community.


Image showing promotional material with past special offers

10. Banter, Brews, Darts and Bucketball

Nothing beats a good brew – especially when it’s to get you through a wicked tattoo! Tea and coffee are always complementary and plentiful. If you need a break to gather yourself for the next hour of pain, you are always welcome to have a quick wander out the back of the shop, have a kick-about in the courtyard, or throw some arrows to vent some adrenaline before you get back in the chair.

As a special thank you for making 2018 start so well, we have decided to have a spring sale. Book now to receive 20% off our usual rates.





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