Sunday 29th September we’ll be hosting a charity fundraiser day for the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation (DBAF).


There’ll be party games galore (for all ages – kids are very welcome!), tasty treats to eat and drink, eye-popping entertainment and a raffle with some awesome prizes up for grabs.

Sharp Art Studios is a family run business. When one of our clients told us about his family’s journey – his son’s DBA diagnosis – it touched a nerve and we knew we wanted to help in some way.


Thomas’s Story…

Thomas was born on 6thMay 2004 weighing only 1lb 10oz. He spent the first 116 days of his life in hospital due to constant infections and chronic lung disease. During his hospital stay Thomas had 15 blood transfusions.

It wasn’t until Thomas was 1 that he was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia as it is so rare and largely unknown to many medical professionals. He continues to have regular blood transfusions and will do so for the rest of his life – along with other constant medication.

Despite this Thomas is a very happy young man – who loves soft toys and old black and white movies. He is very talented and has a passion for drawing.



What is Diamond Blackfan Anemia?

Diamond Blackfan Anemia (“DBA”) is a very rare inherited bone marrow failure syndrome characterised by a failure of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells – which causes DBA patients to be severely anaemic.

Most DBA patients are diagnosed within the first year of life. With appropriate medical treatment DBA patients can potentially lead long, healthy lives. The two most common forms of treatment are blood transfusion therapy and corticosteroid medication. Some patients also choose to undergo the risky procedure of a bone marrow transplant.

Being diagnosed with a rare, chronic disorder can be a challenging and overwhelming journey – physically, emotionally and socially – for patients and their family and friends.

The current financial crisis means funding for virtually all types of research is likely to be adversely affected. In order to translate recent discoveries into better treatments for children living with DBA the DBA Foundation needs support now more than ever.

How can you help?

Simply turn up with some cash and get stuck in at the Fundraiser Day! 100% of all £££ made on Sunday 29thSeptember will go to the DBAF. All games will be run on a pay-to-play basis, food will be pay-per-plate, there’ll be donation buckets onsite and raffle tickets available right up until the prize draw on the day.

Tattoo fans can get involved in a number of ways:

  • Select one of our special DBA-themed flash designs and pay for it in full at the Fundraiser Day (the tattoo itself can be done any time in October). 100% of £££ will be donated to the charity.

Can’t make it? No worries!

  • 50% of £££ from ALL tattoos done Tuesday 24th– Saturday 28thSeptember will go to the charity. Got a new piece in mind? Or some ongoing work? Get booked in for that week to make your contribution count!
  • Any remaining DBA-themed flash designs available/done throughout October will have 50% of £££ donated to the charity.


You can also donate directly to the charity at  or Thomas’s Just Giving Page here


If you run a business or think that the company you work for might be willing to donate some raffle prizes please get in touch with us via facebook or email


It’ll be a great day for a great cause – we hope to see you there!







Dedicated to the ULTIMATE art form.

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