Following last year’s overwhelming number of entries we thought we’d make our April Fool’s Coverup Competition a new Sharp Art tradition. And the entries for this year certainly didn’t disappoint!

The “cousin in the kitchen”, “drunk on holiday” and “got it when I was 15” stories poured in…stars, names, dodgy Red Devils, Kermit the frog and the Virgin Mark to name but a few…

But, while we sympathise with all those who entered, the unanimous winner as voted by our artists was this…strange potatoey axe man / minion with a trouser bulge. We just couldn’t take our eyes off it…for all the wrong reasons!

So, what happened next?

Well, this poor guy nipped into the studio and gave the team a brief – something vaguely Native American themed – and so our artists got to work. Safe to say we’re fans of skulls in the studio! But can you guess who did what?

After some consideration our competition winner decided to go with Nick’s design and set a date to come in. (If something above tickles your fancy drop us a message! Some of the designs are still available to be tattooed or we can draw something similar up for you!).

The day came…and after a mere 4 hours in the chair our winner’s axe man underwent one hell of a change…into a beautiful neo-traditional Native American woman with a regal feather headdress. Check out the final result in it’s full glory below!


Great work as always! Congratulations again to our winner and a big thanks to everyone who got involved. Roll on April 2020!

If you’ve got something you’d like reworked or covered up – but aren’t sure what your options are or what will work – just pop in to see us for a free consultation and a quote.






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