Greetings all, and a warm welcome to Sharp Art Antics #4

This month’s newsletter feels much like our collective diaries – full to the brim! Summer is always a busy time of year for us, and we’re working hard to get all of your awesome artwork done before you (or us) jet off on holiday.

We’ve got longer than usual waiting lists for all our artists at the moment, so be sure to book a consultation for fresh work, or appointments for ongoing work in advance, so we can get the process under way in good time.

And a quick shout out to all those we’ve already decorated • please protect your tattoos • high factor stuff will keep your ink looking buff! Or you can cover up – however you feel most comfortable – here’s how Finn does it:The last few weeks have been packed with wicked tatts, ideas, drama, and divisive conversational topics.

Raheem Sterling’s latest tattoo, anyone? He’s certainly been under fire from the media – talk about kicking up a fuss … But we say fair play to the lad! With Father’s Day close at hand it’s only fitting to pay tribute to all the great dads out there. And we may be a teeny bit bias, but we think tattoos are a great way to do it!

The month of June also plays host to PRIDE. Loz and Finn have already drawn up some wonderful designs in celebration and support of our strong, glorious and diverse community, and there are more to come. Keep an eye on Facebook for more drawings and drop us a message to reserve your favourite peace (get it?)Speaking of support: as many of you know, Loz has recently undergone surgery on her back (we’re thrilled to say it went very well and she should make a great recovery!) so she’s taking a bit of time off to rest. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for their understanding, kind words and well wishes. It means a lot to have such lovely and accepting clients. We’re a family business and count ourselves lucky to work with such fab customers and staff alike. You’re the best!

Onto the tattoos! This vivid peony with killer curves and bold colours was created by Nick. We’ve invested in some new Eternal Inks at the studio and they are leaving the best kind of impression on us… and of course, our clients.

Where there is light, there is dark. This bull skull is Al’s handiwork- etched and shadowed with deep contrast and texture. Soft focus on the horns, and stark, clear detail in the bone. It only took him three hours to craft this beastie – nice one!

If someone says “it tickles”, they’re generally lying. But this client sat so well for her first tattoo that Finn believed her. This pretty feather piece symbolises family; using their birthstones, favourite colours and a small infinity charm. The delicate detail and swooping lines work with the gradated colour change to make a soft yet striking tattoo.

The studio also opened on a Sunday for a rather special reunion. Last year, many people queued for hours to get a Manchester Bee tattoo in the wake of the tragic terror attack. The Manchester Tattoo Appeal was launched to raise money for the families affected and picked up loads of momentum.

These guys and girls met in the queue, where minutes became hours and strangers became friends – who eventually ended up at our shop for their bee tattoos. A year later, they came back to our studio with a variety of “Q” designs to represent the bonds of family and friends.

Check out the video for the full story …

That’s it for this edition! Thanks for reading, sitting like champions and for choosing us to make your skin pretty!


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