Hello and welcome to the second edition of Sharp Art Antics!

Over the past few weeks, as well as the usual skin drilling, there’s been a lot of… well… actual drilling! The studio is in the final phase of refurbishment and rebranding, and is looking sharp enough to give the barbers a run for their money – which means Johnny’s facial hair is now permanently on-edge.

Shelves with ink on at Sharp Art Studios

We’ve got some snazzy new shelves; enough mirrors to trounce a basilisk, and a shiny coffee table (built by Finn – not that she’s proud of it or anything) for those all-important caffeine-laced liquids.

Coffee table at Sharp Art Studios

But it’s more than just a fresh face. With the coming of spring has come a new energy – and a determination to make this the best year to date for Sharp Art Studios.

A big part of this is listening to you guys. Our customer feedback forms are where you can leave your honest observations about our service, and suggest anything you’d like us to start doing or do differently.

***We’re also implementing a number of new offers and reward schemes for our clients***

We now have Sharp Art Studio loyalty cards. 1 visit = 1 stamp. Refer a friend for a tattoo and if they book in with us – you guessed it – you get a stamp. Fill up the card with stamps and you get a whole FREE HOUR as a thank you.

Loyalty card at Sharp Art Studios

We’re also doing new bundle offers for those with large-scale projects in mind. So if you’re looking for a half sleeve, a full sleeve, half or full leg sleeves, or a big back piece, you could save up to £200 if you buy a set of sessions up front.

Just ask our artists for more details or see our revised services list on Facebook

As always, keep your pretty eyes peeled for our latest competitions and available designs. Recently we’ve had a great response to Johnny’s black and grey offer, Al’s full colour offer, and our cover-up competition. Please note these offers are now closed! The appointments have been made, consultations done, so lots of exciting tattoos to come.

Loz tattooing at Sharp Art Studios

Speaking of tattoos – we’ve had some right fabulous beauties! You may have noticed the basilisk reference earlier…a s many of you know, Loz is a mad Harry Potter fan; so you can imagine her sheer joy at being able to create this wizarding wonder.

Harry Potter inspired tattoo featuring Hedwig and Hogwarts

There’s more still to come on this Potter sleeve – so have your wands at the ready! Loz has also been busy drawing some wicked Friday 13th designs and working on a large black and grey realism lion piece.

Friday 13th designs by Loz at Sharp Art Studios

Nick’s been working on a cool samurai tiger / snake chest piece and a peony-flower whorl lion leg. He did this amazing portrait of Winston Churchill. The detail and smooth shading in it are some of his trademark skills, and as with most of his work, it’s the start of a bigger piece, so there’s more awesomeness to follow.

Winston Churchill tattoo by Nick at Sharp Art Studios

Johnny’s been geeking out: tattooing both a Millennium Falcon and a Back to the Future Delorean. He’s also been channeling his gardener spirit, growing some gorgeous floral tattoos for us all to admire. Look at these lovely flowing lines and graceful curves – really complimenting his client’s shape.

Floral leg tattoo by James at Sharp Art Studios

From the earth to the ocean, Finn’s super excited to let her flippers loose on a sea theme sleeve. This hammerhead hand tattoo took 3 hours to complete, with rich turquoise waves, subtle grey textures in the skin, and great white details (pun intended.)

Hammerhead shark tattoo by Finn at Sharp Art Studios

Along with doing some clients’ first ever tattoos (a dainty bee, black and grey hummingbirds, to name a few), she’s been wading deep into the world of cover-ups; with a scorpion transformation completed, and some even bigger pieces on the way. Whether it’s your first tattoo or a fresh start – she’s got you covered.

Alex has been putting his ace graphic style to excellent use. Landscapes come to life in his hands: easily capturing mountain scenes, forests, sunrises, and surf in tattoos, with his signature line weight contrasts and dotwork shading. A master of the cover-up; he’s turned some old, wiry tribal into bold, solid roses, and is currently morphing this malformed panther head into a deadly samurai warrior.

Panther to samurai warrior cover-up tattoo by Alex at Sharp Art Studios

That’s it for this Sharp Art Antics post. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Bring on the sunshine and don’t forget to…


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