On Monday we decided that we’d all go back over our portfolios and choose the tattoo that we are most proud of. Here goes …


                                                                                                     Loz tattooing at Sharp Art Studios

‘This is my favourite ink … it is on my brother Adam. He talked about getting it for years and we didn’t start until last summer. He went a bit white the first session. but now he’s hooked and dying for more.’



‘I love doing skulls – the texture and detail in them. I also love doing paint style strokes and shading. Having a cool use of silhouette/backlighting detail and merging two very different shapes into the same form (as well as contrasting darkness with something feminine) made it as fun to design as it was to tattoo.’



‘I love the contrast between the metal cogs and the delicate eye. Also the reflection in the eye had sentimental reasons for the client. I’ve got some more cool pieces to add to this and can’t wait to see the whole sleeve finished.’


                                                                                                      Traditional Snake Head ink by Alex at Sharp Art Studios

‘I hadn’t really done much traditional at the time and I really enjoyed working in this bold and colourful style. It was on one of my best mates too, which is always a good craic.’










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