Do you have a terrible tattoo that needs covering up? Are you still walking around with your exes name on your arm, or an obscene publication on the back of your leg?
If so, you might be in luck! Sharp Art Studios are giving you the chance to get an unwanted tattoo turned into a masterpiece to be proud of, completely free of charge.
Bad Donald Trump Tattoo
Sick of having a dick head tattooed on your chest?


All you have to do is post a picture of your atrocious ink on the Facebook event wall, or directly from your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profile, before midday on April 1st, using the hashtag: #coveritupcomp
Bad tattoo of a penis merged with an axe with Dad written over the top
Lost a bet back in 2012?


Really simple: the person who posts the most horrific tattoo wins!
bad tattoo of dog
Not quite how you remember Rover?


Make sure you like or follow us on your chosen social network, as the winner will be announced across our accounts on the evening of April 1st.
bad tattoo of cannabis leaf with spelling error
Been meaning to sort it for years?


‘From April Fools’ to ‘That Tattoo Rules!!’ Each of our five artists will create a custom design that will cover-up your existing tattoo. The winner will then select their favourite design and win a session with the artist that created it.

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