1.The existing tattoo is awful

Were you drunk on holiday? Was it done as a joke or did you lose a bet? Did it happen in a kitchen or garage of questionable cleanliness? Is it downright rude or offensive? Or is it just poorly executed and not what you had in mind at all? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Pop in and see what we can do for you.     

Tribal into raven cover-up tattoo
Barbed wire tribal to cool raven by Alex


Grey Rose cover-up tattoo
Stoned wizard into black and grey rose by James


Tropical paradise cover-up tattoo
Kim into tropical paradise by Loz

2.Your old tattoo is faded, blurred, or you’ve had laser treatment

If you had your tattoo done a long time ago or you’ve had laser treatment, it might be time to do something with what’s left. Do you want it rescued, reworked, or are you ready for a complete rethink? If it was bad to start with we’d definitely encourage the latter – a lot can be done if the existing piece is already faded / lasered. We can take the original idea and design you something awesome, or you can go down a new path for something fresh and different – but equally awesome.

Chinese symbols to painted dog cover-up tattoo
Chinese symbols to colourful paint dog by Finn


Faded blue into blossom branch cover-up tattoo
Faded blue into blossom branch by James


3. You’re getting married and can’t go down the aisle with an exes name on you

We cover a lot of exes names. Some things don’t last forever – and they don’t have to. Get it fixed before you get hitched!

4.You’re living life and can’t go around with an exes name on you

Enough said really…

Teddy bear into hour glass cover-up tattoo
Teddy bear into hour glass by Finn


 5. You started off small but now you’re braver

Many people get small tattoos when they start out. Usually to see how they’ll cope with the pain or to see how they feel about having a design on them permanently. As the years go by they might find themselves left with awkward gaps or maybe having second thoughts about their first foray into the world of tattoos. If you wished you’d gone big to start with, or you’ve seen all the awesome stuff that’s out there and decided that it’s definitely for you; then a cover-up may be the way to go. Whether it’s a half sleeve, a full sleeve, a big leg piece, or a back piece; working with a bigger space will stand you in good stead with cover-ups.

Small heart into large heart mandala cover-up tattoo tattoo
Small heart into large heart mandala, by Loz


Lotus Flower tattoo
Lotus Flower by Finn


Grey faced owl lady cover-up tattoo
Grey faced owl lady cover-up, by Loz


6. You’ve changed as a person

Maybe they’re no longer your favourite football team or favourite band? Perhaps you’ve outgrown Tweety-pie, Garfield or that cartoon penguin? Or do those lyrics or that quote simply not have as much meaning as they once did? You might have scars from a difficult time in your past. Whatever the reason – we’re here to help. Cover-ups can give you a much needed fresh start and celebrate your love for tattoos at the same time.

Vikings style sleeve tattoo
Vikings style sleeve by Nick


Devil into rose cover-up
Devil into rose by Alex


Don’t forget – if you’d like to book in for a cover-up with one of our artists, it’s best for us to see it first hand so we can talk about your options – so book a free consultation with us first via Booksy and we’ll get you sorted with some awesome new ink.




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