Well, the Beast from the East certainly had us shivering in our undercrackers last week – a special thank you to everyone for safely making it through snow and face-blistering winds to your appointments – hats off (or rather, hats, scarves and gloves on) to you all!

Welcome to our new regular newsletter, where we’ll be giving you the lowdown on all things Sharp Art. From the tattoos, to behind the scenes pics, gossip, and a few sneaky peeks into the future …

We’ve had some tough clients of late: craniums, chests and sternums; shoulder bones, spines, ribs, and wrists, have all been drilled; jaws have been clenched, and teeth (plus some roads) have been gritted. Say it together … “No Pain, No Gain! That is … unless you have numbing cream … and cling-film wrapped round your head …

                        “Don’t post this picture until I’ve had it done or my mum will ring me!”

*** Speaking of mums … keep an eye on our Facebook page over the next few days – we have a little treat in store for you for Mother’s Day ***


As well as this guy’s noggin, Nick’s finished two big projects: an epic black and grey realism full sleeve, and a seductive, smoky skull back piece. Another sleeve is in progress, with a strong set of wings, bold lines, contrast, and some subtle shading. This is definitely a piece to watch out for!


Loz dazzled colour and detail into a few ongoing works. She’s also been sketching up some fresh neo-traditional designs, which are now up for grabs. Message us for more info or book your free consultation on Booksy now.


Breaker-of-names-James, set a geometric stag chest-piece on a lass who sat like a champion for over four hours. James also mounted an extraordinary attack on the bathroom mirror, which now lays in shiny splintery ruins – landing him another seven years of questionable haircuts. That’s right … hang your capped head in shame!

Finn’s been working on all shapes and sizes this week. From delicate bracelets and miniature skulls, to cover-ups and big cats. This tiger piece is off to a great start. With only a few sessions still to go, make sure you look out for the finished article in a few weeks!

Alex has crafted some beautiful pieces this week. Check out the long straights and sweeping curves on this all-seeing Hamsa hand! And again on this elegant, spine-tingling lotus design.


As well as producing kick-ass tatts, we are gonna be making a lot more noise of the next few months, so keep your ear to the ground for discounts and offers. Also, if you see any of our work across social media, likes and shares are always welcome …

Any feedback you lovely people can offer is appreciated too, so give us a shout if there is anything you wanna see or hear about …

Thanks for reading … now chill out, relax, take a look at that bare spot on your arm and have a think about what’s next!!

Eat. Sleep. Ink. Repeat.

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