A sweaty salutation and the warmest of welcomes to the 5th edition of our monthly newsletter, Sharp Art Antics.

Female tattoo artists working at Sharp Art Studios

Our artists (all of them, ‘coz Loz is back, bitches!) are working at full steam – really living up to the shop motto – EAT. SLEEP. INK. REPEAT. – slapping some hot stuff on our cool clients.  

Loz captured the essence of this guy’s favourite place – turning this mountain scenery into a picture perfect tattoo. Then skilfully transformed one lady’s regret into a beautiful piece she’ll never forget. Nor would she want to!

Polaroid style picture tattoo at Sharp Art StudiosSylvester the cat to floral cover-up at Sharp Art Studios

Alex has had some truly swell projects in recently – this ocean scene is inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. And from traditional Japanese to neo-traditional, he’s undertaking this sizeable grim reaper with the gravest sincerity (shading and details to follow).

Tattoo inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa done at Sharp Art StudiosA tattoo of the Grim Reaper in progress at Sharp Art Studios

Nick has had his eye on the tiger! As always he’s pulled out all the stops and put in some hard work and fab detail into these large scale pieces. The tiger still has more to come but the eye is complete – blink – but you can’t miss it.

 Beautifully detailed tattoo of an eye with a boxer in the pupil, done at Sharp Art StudiosTigers head tattoo done at Sharp Art Studios

Finn’s been loving the black and grey. From fierce fur-covered predators to soft but striking portraits. The wolf is part of an ongoing sleeve whilst the portrait is a one-off one of a kind.

Tattoo of a wolf done at Sharp Art StudiosPortrait by Finn at Sharp Art Studios

As well as these sick tatts there’s been a flurry of floral designs these past few weeks. And, unlike the grass across this tiny island, these flowers can not only take the heat, but they bring it.

Nick rose to the challenge and planted this sweet cover-up over an old, unwanted name.

Grey rose tattoo covering up the name, Mali

Loz got this beauty out in a four hour sitting (there’s still a bit to go on this but it’s definitely off to a cracking start).

Big rose on the hip of a female done at Sharp Art Studios

Finn whipshaded these wild hibiscus flowers into shape.

Hibiscus tattoo on females hip done at Sharp Art Studios

And Alex put his hand to these pretty peonies.

Peonies floral tattoo done at Sharp Art Studios


That’s it for now!

Stuck for what to do next? Check out our exclusive design page as we’ll be posting some fresh flash there shortly. If something catches your eye then why not make a booking? It’d be rude not too!

Stay safe. Hydrate. Enjoy the summer.


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