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VIP Membership

Love tattoos? Loyal customer? Become a Sharp Art Studios VIP to receive exclusive discounts and rewards!

Here at Sharp Art Studios we value our returning and loyal clients – so we’ve decided to offer this extra special VIP membership so you get even more for your money (and time in the chair!) Interested?

So what is it? Why is it so awesome?


What do you reckon? A pretty sweet deal? We thought so too.

From full back pieces to delicate minimalist designs – if you’re a frequent visitor to our studio then becoming part of the club is definitely worth your while. It can also be bought as a gift – that’s a birthday or Christmas sorted for someone special!

The VIP membership is available all year round. Simply nip down to the studio – 1 payment, 1 dotted line, 1 VIP membership added to your name – it’s that easy.


For any further information pop in or contact us online via facebook or email.

*terms and conditions*: The SAS VIP Membership entitles you to various offers which the studio reserves the right to change or amend at any time and is not compatible with any other discounts / offers unless otherwise stated. The SAS VIP Membership and its various benefits cannot be transferred to or used by anyone other than the identified purchaser/named owner of the membership. The membership is to be paid in full and is entirely non-refundable.

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