Are you…

Serious about becoming a tattoo artist?

Struggling to find an apprenticeship at a reputable studio?

Keen to learn from experienced and talented artists?

Looking to specialise or develop your current tattooing skillset?

Thinking of setting up your own studio but not sure where to start?

Looking for ways to grow your tattoo business or client-base?


Our Apprentice Training and Tattoo Pro Development units will prepare you for any tattooing-related eventuality.

Start with us as a beginner and progress right through to pro – or cherry pick individual units to best suit your experience level***:




Units will be delivered by tattoo artists with years of industry experience. They will include:

  • Structured lessons and revision material.
  • Practical hands-on experience tattooing fake skin – progressing to live models.
  • Personalised progress reviews and feedback on assignments.
  • Q+A sessions.
  • Standardised assessments (achieve a certified PASS / MERIT / DISTINCTION) based on true-to-life situations and conditions.
  • Flexible hours work shadowing at the studio.

Our aim is to provide high-quality, accessible training for aspiring or improving tattoo artists.



Simply send us an email directly to sharpartstudios(at) – please include your full name and “email updates” somewhere in the subject / message.

You’ll be added to our mailing list and receive updates on the training and development units as soon as they become available. Easy!


Tattoo Apprentice Training and Pro Development




Dedicated to the ULTIMATE art form.

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