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About Finn

Finn Jackson (Finngers) joined the Sharp Art team as an apprentice – then became a full artist in 2016.

I always knew I was going to get tattoos – I was constantly doodling and would draw on myself any chance I got. I loved art as a kid – and took it for GSCE and A-level – drawing, painting, messing with inks or charcoal. I find the history of tattooing fascinating – how long it’s been around and the different reasons for it being in our lives.

I used to watch Miami Ink, LA Ink and London Ink growing up – but when it came to actually getting a tattoo I was a bit clueless and pretty scared! I took the design I wanted (a tiny bird and some random feathers I’d drawn in a notebook) up some narrow stairs above a takeaway and handed it over to a guy with a face full of metal. It was nothing like the TV shows but I loved the rush I got afterwards and so kept going back for more.

Years went by and I met Nick and Loz at the Manchester Tattoo Convention. Then I started travelling to the studio for tattoos – I loved how relaxed it was – how friendly they were. I did Nick a painting as a thank you for the work he did on my sleeve. When he offered me an apprenticeship I couldn’t really believe it – and I knew I had to go for it. I think my thirteen-year-old self would be pretty impressed with where I am now!

I love tattooing anything natural – birds, animals, fish, flowers, skulls and bones. I also enjoy delicate ornamental designs or dotwork and geometric pieces – anything with texture and detail – no matter how big or small. Whether I’m working with subtle shades of black and grey or rich, warm colours, I love putting tiny white highlights in at the end – it really brightens and lifts a piece and that’s when it really feels finished.

I love seeing a client’s face light up when they look in the mirror – that’s always what I strive for and what makes it so rewarding. And I’m thankful everyday that I get to work as part of this amazing team too!